5 on demand classics
that make Christmas

From Die Hard to It’s A Wonderful Life, these films are a must watch over the festive period – and you can enjoy them on demand with Sky Cinema

Written by Lidia Molina Whyte

Christmas isn’t really Christmas without those classic films you look forward to every year. Though it’s good to mix things up with a few blockbusters, these movies are essential to get you into the festive spirit – and have a wonderful Christmas time.

With Sky Cinema, you can enjoy both the all-time favourites and the latest blockbusters on demand. Whether you’re after an explosive Christmas epic (Die Hard), a background for wrapping presents (The Muppet Christmas Carol) or something to keep the kids entertained while you potter (Frozen), Sky Cinema’s line-up has something for every mood. Plus, with prices starting at £10 a month, it’s as affordable as it is versatile.

So, warm up the mince pies and take your pick of Sky Cinema’s unmissable Christmas classics.

End the debate
Die Hard
On demand now

Christmas doesn't really start until someone questions the festive nature of Die Hard. The only way to settle the debate – until it’s inevitably raised again next year – is to rewatch this glorious action film, available exclusively at Sky Cinema this Christmas.

Set on Christmas Eve (see?), barefoot Bruce Willis defeats a gang of Euroterrorists led by Alan Rickman with the help of only his wits, duct tape and an arsenal of one-liners, before reuniting with his family. What isn’t Christmassy about that?

Forget the haters, it's definitely a Christmas film
In the mood for something comforting
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
On demand now

Even though it’s a film about a child being left behind for the second Christmas in a row, Home Alone 2 always brings joy and comfort. With Sky Cinema, you can watch this gem any time you need a bit of a pick-me-up or fancy a feel-good film.

Plus, is there a better incentive to get your Christmas shopping done early than watching a nine-year-old find his way around the Big Apple, befriend a pigeon lady and defeat the Wet Bandits yet again, in just a couple of days?

A fun fairytale
in New York
Don't be a Scrooge
The Muppet Christmas Carol
On demand now

Is it even Christmas if Michael Caine doesn’t utter “Humbug” to the muppets singing about him behind his back in a gloomy Victorian London street?

Arguably the best adaptation of Dickens’s quintessential Christmas tale, The Muppet Christmas Carol is the perfect movie to watch on a lazy Sunday with the whole family, or stick on in the background as you wrap some presents to really soak up the festive cheer. The best part? With Sky Cinema, you can enjoy it any time.

Bah humbug
to you too
A must watch for the little ones
On demand now

Letting go of the biggest animated film of all time isn’t happening any time soon. Though Frozen was released in 2013, the global love for it hasn’t dwindled one bit – which is why parents and anyone who loves enchanting musicals will be returning to it time and time again this Christmas.

The heart-warming tale of sisterly love is just the film to stick on when you need to keep the kids entertained while you do a bit of online Christmas shopping, or on a chilly evening when the whole family is tucked up around the fire.

Some films are worth melting for
The classic amongst classics
It's a Wonderful Life
On demand now

Released in 1946, Frank Capra’s Christmas masterpiece has gracefully withstood the passage of time, and continues to capture old and new generations’ imaginations every year. This Christmas, you can watch it on demand, any time you fancy, with Sky Cinema.

Starring James Stewart as disenchanted George Bailey, the compelling tale reminds us that friendship, support and understanding are worthy gifts – with a few good laughs and a healthy tug at the heart strings thrown in for good measure.

Friendship and
are worthy gifts
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